What is different about SAT ACT MASTERY compared to other test prep books?

SAT ACT MASTERY takes a different approach to achieving high scores on the ACT and SAT.  I made perfect scores on the SAT and ACT, and also had some experience with tutoring other students and successfully helped them to improve their scores as well.  

It is possible to score very well on these tests, but there is a certain path that you have to take in order to accomplish this.

Instead of giving you a load of extra work, math problems, passages to read, etc. etc. etc., I've left that to the established testing companies that have been publishing these books for decades.

Practicing the test over and over again or learning test-taking tricks aren't going to take you the entire distance on the SAT and ACT.  Instead, you have to get yourself up to the college level in your vocabulary, in your English skills, and your understanding of math.  After all, that's what the SAT and ACT are: college readiness exams.  This book shows you how to do that, without a bunch of exercises, busy work, or stress.

This book gives you tools to master your education while you're going through school, so that when you reach these tests, you perform well.

Oh, one more thing.  It isn't sized like a phone book.  It's a thin book, a quick read, and it will change your educational experience if you put it into practice.

I need help on a particular subject, like math or reading.  What do you recommend?

In addition to reading my book, there are many resources that I list in the "Recommended Reading" section of the book that will probably help you.

What is this website all about?

This website features my book, but I also hope it grows into a community hub for people looking for help and information on the ACT and SAT.  I'll try to always answer your comments and questions, so please feel free to post them.  If you have a question that you don't want visible on the site, email me.

How can I get in contact with you?

I prefer that you either comment here on the website or hit me up on facebook or twitter.  That way if you have a question or comment then everyone in the community can participate - and if someomne else has the same question they'll get it answered.

That being said, if there's something you'd prefer to talk to me directly about, email me or fill out this simple contact form.

How can I get your book?

Just click "Buy the Book Now" and follow the instructions provided.  If you're having difficulties, click here to fill out a customer support ticket.