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SAT ACT Mastery is Your Guide to the SAT

There are literally hundreds of SAT test prep books out there. The truth is that every single one of those SAT books could help your score. But how do you know what to study first? What books should you read?

Before you go diving off into the bookstore filling your bag with every SAT book you can find for yourself or your child, please ask yourself these questions:


  • ...that the books that will help your scores the most aren't test prep books?
  • ...that if you start early enough, there is a simple rule you can apply that is CERTAIN to boost your SAT scores through the roof?
  • ...that most big bucks test prep classes only improve scores by ten or twenty points, after countless hours of cramming?

That's Where My SAT Book Comes In

SAT Book

I scored perfect scores on both the SAT and the ACT on my first tries. There is not a concept that appears on those tests that I cannot teach. I went on to tutor some students on the ACT, and was able to predictably raise test scores. A couple points meant a better life for my students, and thousands of extra dollars in scholarships meant financial relief for their parents.

I became interested in writing an SAT test prep book, but struggled with it for years. I kept trying to write another Barron's or Princeton Review. These test prep books are almost encyclopedic in length, and they do a good job for what they are.

Then the truth hit me. I needed to write the book that gives the secret of how I got my perfect scores. I needed to write a book on HOW to study the SAT test prep books and the material in school so that you or your child can do spectacularly on the SAT. I needed to write that SAT book - something small and readable, something you'll actually read and can USE.

Read My SAT Book First

If you follow the recommendations in my book, you'll find a use for every SAT book you've already purchased. SAT ACT Mastery gives you the framework with which to study it all. It will get you results.

What is Different About This SAT Book?

You're going to come away from reading this SAT book feeling energized and ready to jump back into your studies. What's more, this SAT book:

  • • Doesn't fill your head with a bunch of rules you're going to forget!
  • • Doesn't lose you on page one!
  • • Doesn't make any empty promises

Instead, this book actually delivers, giving you all the information and techniques you need:

  • • How to gear up and get in shape for the SAT.
  • • How to overcome every test-day obstacle.
  • • How to master every aspect of your education.

I Want You To Read This SAT Book

That's why when you click on this link, you'll be taken to a page where the book is only $15.00, which is 25% off the cover price!

You'll also receive free shipping!

And what's more, you'll receive a free subscription to my eNewsletter, which gives you the latest info on how to master the SAT. In other words, your book will always be up to date, because every time something new comes out you'll be the first to know, for free!

This SAT Book Works

I stand behind it. As a matter of fact, if it doesn't help you, send it back, and I will give you a full refund. It's completely risk-free for you to try SAT ACT Mastery.

The Parent's Guide

For a limited time, when you order the SAT book, you'll also receive links to the 10-episode "Parent's Guide to the SAT & ACT". These are mp3s that we'll eventually be turning into a stand-alone CD, but for now you get the Parent's Guide free with your purchase. You'll get insider tips on SAT & ACT exclusively from the viewpoint of a parent, information you won't find anywhere else (not even in the book!)

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